Healthy Body Healthy Mind Team: Expectations vs. Reality

1. National Institutes of Health (

The National Institutes of Public Health (NIH) may be your biggest source of medical research financing on earth and also to highlight its surgeries that it boasts just one of their internet's most popular healthcare sites.

Estimates imply receives on average a staggering 20 million unique site visitors monthly, with more than 40 percent of these visits coming from the united states. As stated by its particular traffic ranks and Alexa, the NIH website's popularity is ranked as #16-1 in the US and 354 on a global scale. Alexa data shows that people typically stay on the site for about a couple of minutes.


The website includes a wide selection of articles, from health information to all details of its grants and financing and research and training strategies. It has health advice is mainly categorised by age groups sex; Men's Health, Child & Teen Health, Women's Health, Minority Health and Seniors' wellbeing.

2. KidsHealth (

After you search to this specific website in Google, the term employed to spell out KidsHealth is"the web's most visited site about kids' health." It's advice to moms and dads four areas to it, homework assistance for kids, information for adolescents and teaching aids for teachers. As stated by your website, on a regular weekday 700,000 strikes are got by it.

3. WedMD ( / /

Another hugely common pair WebMD, of sites is projected to have in excess of 19 million unique visitors each month. Even though 70 percent of all end users are situated in the usa, the organisation teamed up with high-street chain of chemists Boots to provide UK-specific, GP.

4. (

" has turned into the most widely used, complete and up-to-date source of medication information online," the site proudly declares. The portal serves buyers and health care professionals and introduces data and information about 24,000 medications. On average it is anticipated to receive half thousand readers.

5. Yahoo! Overall Well Being (

Yahoo! well being is rumoured to receive more than 2-1 million views a month, so bringing traffic using its large selection of content and health information. The features comprise things like an expression checkerand also a'Find a physician' software and BMI calculator and also the website also presents articles, the latest news and professional view.

6. Weight-watchers (

It is no real surprise the weightwatchers website has built a look inside this listing, as perhaps one of their absolute most popular dietary plans around the world. As stated by website advice corporation Alexa, customers pay an average of eight minutes to the webpage along with each visit also it really is popular among ladies.

7. NHS Direct (

NHS Direct is your 24/7 information Support of the UK's National Health Service. Though its website receives over 18 million visits Within an annual amount, five thousand calls are made to the NHS Direct phone lineup. Certainly one of its services is that the online self-assessment service, that implements the Arezzo medical decision support tech of InferMed.


8. Healthy Body Healthy Thoughts (

Healthful Body Healthy Head is allegedly one of many major separate wellness sites , which aim to"break the medical terminology barrier" in between patients and physicians. This content of the website is written and edited by from across the world plus in addition, they answer customer's wellbeing concerns and worries.

9. Mayo Clinic (

Mayo Clinic is still one of the biggest centres on the planet. The corporation's fully comprehensive web site appreciates approximately seven thousand visits a month, Together with offering first-class patient maintenance. The website includes information regarding wellbeing, advice about its Find more info services and details.

10. Adult Men's Wellbeing (

Men's well being will be your most significant journal manufacturer in the world, boasting 44 editions. The accompanying internet site of the publication brings 55 percentage of people and 38 million page views a month are from the usa. Its content comprises posts on attributes about all facets of the health of men, to fashion, grooming and sex from fitness, health and nutrition.